Dates: November 7 – November 14, 2019

Location: Tenerife

Strengthen your spiritual and physical state. Teach discipline, meditation, stress management, get to know yourself, and discover peers.

1 day. Morning exercise / meditation. Meet up with campers and camp rules. Discussion of what we will do in a week.
Day 2. Morning exercise / meditation. Taide Volcano National Park, a route through scenic territory to Teide Volcano. Evening meditation.
Day 3. Morning exercise / meditation. We will visit the northern beaches of Bollullo and Benijo, enjoy sports on Benijo beach and have a picnic. Evening meditation.
Day 4. Morning exercise / medicine. Visit to the south side of the island, beaches, local restaurants. Knowing ourselves, we will learn to know ourselves. Evening meditation.
Day 5. Morning exercise / medicine. Exploring the western side of the island hiking through scenic cliffs. Evening meditation.
Day 6. Free time all day for you to see the capital, visit local small towns and immerse yourself in Spanish culture. Evening workout at home. We’ll sit down at the table to discuss the impressions and what we learned from this trip.
Day 7. Morning exercise and meditation. Preparing for return to yours home.

Cost: 850 Euros (includes a car hire, a apartment, a coach services).

More information: +37067881460

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