Recent trend shows that the number of people engaging in the healthy lifestyle is gradually
increasing. Sometimes they need to travel places which brings challenges to their chosen
lifestyle habits. They need to find places where they can purchase fresh and tasty food, plan
time for exercising. Often, this is planned prior to the departure. People often lose their usual
daily habits as traveling is diverse and may bring them to unexpected places. Think of active or
passive vacations abroad, business trips or even relocating the living area. Let alone the
changes of the time zone, long waiting hours in the airports, unexpected changes of the trip – all
of it causes tiredness and diminishes the effectiveness of the planned travel.
Healthy lifestyle – that’s the stable system of one’s values, clear morale principles. That’s what
helps keeping your spiritual balance healthy in this troubles and unpredictable World. Faith,
system of values and healthy philosophical point of view to this life helps to cope with the critical
situations or prevent them from happening.

Key principles to healthy lifestyle:
● Healthy eating habits,
● Sleep,
● Sports,
● Fresh air and sun,
● Emotional balance.

Healthy eating habits while traveling. If you are planning to travel by car or plane you should
give a thought to what should be consumed during the trafficking time – estimate the time you
will be spending on the go first. If this is a short trip you can easily take your favorite dish, but for
the long distances unsightly products, such as fruits, nuts or vegs, would be more reliable.
Don’t forget to drink a lot of water as this is must for our bodies. Right before the travel, plan
your first eating place, so that you could be relaxed after hours in the vehicle. Also, take a look
at the food assortiment provided by your accommodation. Online portals should provide rich
information about the food and the evaluations left by other visitors. Healthy food restaurants
and large supermarkets might be the best options to keep your diet balanced.
Sleep. It is crucial to keep your sleep habits stable. More than often, sleeping patterns change
to the worse side due to different workloads (during business trips), intensive traveling or
numerous entertainments. How much sleep do we really need? Most of the psychologist say it
is necessary to have a least 8 hours of sleep, but bedtime or wake up time should maintain
regular. If you would relax before bed, turn off TV, computer, mobile phone or any other sound
making devices, choose comfortable bed and bedding, your sleeping quality will increase.
Sports. Exercising makes person more alert and fresh looking during the travel, so this is
important to keep your sports mode as if you would do at home and find the favorite sport,

which would allow you to feel good. It would be best to do sports at least twice a week. When
abroad, search for local gyms or hotels with gyms. The other option would be to hit the outside
area if the weather is good for sports. Physical activity would add to your positive emotions
towards the traveling in general.
Fresh air and sun. Seasonality and local flora are important during the travel. If you happen to
be in the woodland or outside big cities, go and explore the nature, try to feel and hear the
sounds there, breathe deeply, listen to your own thoughts. If there is a sunshine in the area – try
to collect sunlight as it creates vitamin D. Various researches show that many people globally
are lack of this vitamin, so you should take the advantage of being in sunlight and benefiting
from it.
Emotional balance. It is important to remain calm, secure and to know how to solve your
problems during your journey. Emotional balance and psychological harmony would bring you
abilities to better action planning, better day scheduling when the surroundings are changing.
Keep A and B plans for your healthy lifestyle while abroad. When your struggle to implement
plan A, go for plan B instead and you won’t have any additional stress.
Traveling and changing living area cause different suddenness for people. Traveling personal
trainer Gytis Beikus has also noticed such human reaction to changes. Proud trainer has been
telling about his work routine and his clients’ challenges:
“I have started working as personal trainer in Lithuania. My clients often go to different trips and
travels. So, I couldn’t have skipped noticing how tired they are coming back to my routines –
they are tired physically and emotionally all together. That kept me thinking of “Why is this
happening?” Then I have realized I can actually help them by traveling together or making them
a plan for their time abroad. My business is not only in Lithuania now – it is European I would
say. My clients come and contact me from different countries and they ask me to help them to
keep the healthy lifestyle and energized in any situation. I have already been working with
clients in Norway, France, Germany and I have been visited by client from as far as Saudi
Arabia. All of them needed plans for their healthier diet, daily routines and, of course, sports
routines. I feel passionate about traveling, personal challenges, new connections and
multicultural differences, but helping people to be better themselves is my biggest passion and
Gytis Beikus strongly suggests to never give up your goals and dreams. This is what will keep
you moving forward.

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