The topic of coronavirus is perhaps the hottest topic these days. Food shopping for extended periods of time too. You probably went shopping yesterday, today went and tomorrow, and so did I.
My insights that grocery shopping is chaotic, supermarket shelves are basically just carbohydrate sources (cereals (oats, rice, buckwheat, flour, bread)), which is very bad. I want to give you advice on what to buy.
Note that you need not only carbohydrates but also proteins. The source of protein is not only eggs, but high quality also preserves like deer, mutton, frozen fish, meat. Protein powder is also a noteworthy product. It is a highly concentrated, long-lasting protein source that not only has a high protein concentration that is maximally absorbed by the body but is also versatile. Also, you can make protein pancakes by mixing with water to drink as a protein shake. Protein bars, which are not only a delicious and healthy snack but are also a great source of protein, can also be purchased. Protein is the main building block of cells in the body.

In addition to protein, pay attention to the importance of good fats – nuts, fish oil, and so on. They are also extremely important. Nuts are an extremely concentrated source of fat as well as long-term.
Finally, to boost the immune system: turmeric (turmeric), lemon, ginger, and honey.
Be conscious, don’t panic and chaos, choose foods responsibly. Not only do you need food to function, but to stay strong and healthy so that your body can cope with the disease when you need it.
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